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to check in [Nov. 6th, 2006|10:48 am]
just letting everyone know I'm still alive...

I've just been busy lately with some stuff...

ummm...some updates on me are...

I'm now a cashier at giant and assistant in the floral dept.

I make 6.25 and hour woohoo for me. isn't that just peachy?

Oh yes and I'm going to AUSA in a few weeks even though I'll have to pay at the door b/c I've been a dumb ass about spending money lately.

I'm still unbareably single but I have a few options open right now...

and I'm still really really lazy...

I had to stay home today to finish my long ass speech about eating disorders for english since I won't ever have time tomorrow since the spare time I get from it being a day off will probably go to me sleeping or just being apathetic and not wanting to do anything like I've been all weekend...and then at night I'm like fuck...I have that speech to do...

I'm probably gonna fail b/c I hate public speeking and I'm horrible at it...
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I wish I was you [Oct. 8th, 2006|09:31 pm]
[Current Location |whatever]
[mood |confuseddunno what to think]
[music |the fallen - franz ferdinand]

ok ok before I say anything I want to say what my little brother just told me...

so I'm sitting here in my stepdad's office and Ryan's like messing with all the blank cds so I was like "if I were you I wouldn't be touching those..." And he was like "I wish I was you so I could be bad!" haha I have no idea why he said that...

so yes on the topic of last night...which is why I was so tired today and laid down for like 2-3 hours after work...

Last night Arash and me went to go see a movie and get something to eat at Arundel Mills. We went to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2...the 12:20 am viewing...My mom was really chill about it too, like I called her at 10 saying how I really wanted to go and she was like well then it should be done by two so just call me on your way home...so yes we went to eat at TGIFs first and it was a lot of fun. It was kind of like a date but an unofficial one...then in the movies we almost didn't get a seat together but when we walked out the manager was there and told us to go to another room b/c he was playing it somewhere else too since people were complaining about it I guess...So we got our picks of seats and of course we sat close to the back...like one row from the back so we had it to ourselves...it was kind of awkward because I felt like the people in back of me were kinda like staring at us when we like cuddled and shit...haha...the movie was so gross and fucked up...I was like wtf? And Arash was laughing and saying shit like "He got her good"...but that's kind of expected from someone like him...I closed my eyes half the time so I wouldn't be able to tell you how the killing scenes were...I was like "AAAHHH" it was so disgusting...but I felt kind of bad for Leatherface...since he was mostly understood and shit and how he was raised...

After the movie we found an ipod in the theater...of course we just took it...it had a lot of rap on it. I was like dude I love this song and then he was like "you and your edward music" haha and then he called me an edward like 50 times but he was just joking around and trying to be cheeky or whatever...*sigh* it took us a half hour to leave the parking lot b/c we'd be joking around and talking, then when we were driving back everything was really quiet...we hung around a bit before I acctually went home...it took us forever to finally be like bye...

He got me a huge ass bottle of X-rated Vodka...but I was afraid to take it inside the house so he's holding it for me until this weekend or whenever we hang out again and then I'm letting Bre hold it for me...she's actually like "I kind of miss hanging around them now" which kind of makes me glad b/c I felt like the only one actually still hanging out...if that makes sense...so she said to hit her up next time they're gonna be chillin...at least I guess if Arash is gonna come I'll be like bring Nima and Bre will come too or something like that...I did take the card with me that he got. It has a sticker that says It's my birthday wanna spank me? On it...haha I have to find a place to display all my lovely b-day cards and make my rents feel bad since noone got me one...

well I feel like I wrote a lot...

hopefully I'll keep at it...even though I do like writing in my old fashioned journal...


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Atlanta and Sweet 16 [Sep. 26th, 2006|08:53 pm]

Yeah so atlanta was kick ass. Anime Weekend Atlanta is a really cool con...even though I went to basically no panels save the venture brothers one for obvious reasons...but the dealer's room was pretty nice. They didn't fill it up, but it still had the basics.

I got to see Mike S. again! I was so happy. He instantly remembered me, I didn't have to say a word. It was pretty sweet. I gave him a hug like 5 times. I even mentioned that I saw flesh for the beast. It was so adorable. He got all embarassed and was like "How? Why did you see that horrible movie!" Haha A lot of people don't know he was in it I guess and I don't think he wants people to know. But it was still funny to ask him about it. He's also a big FLCL fanboy, this I found out at his panel. 

Hanging out with Enrique was lots of fun too. He took us to dinner two nights in a row xD That was so nice of him to do, cause I know the bill was expensive. I tried really hard to pick cheap things to eat and I felt bad when I never finished...;; The first night me, bre, enrique, and his friend Keith all went back to their hotel room after dinner and we drank vodka and cranberry juice cocktails while watching the pimp chronicles...haha and then the second night andrew was there and during the Thai dinner when Enrique went to get something me and bre were like it's enrique's b-day today...we should ask them to sing him happy birthday and do cake. Well the resteraunt didn't do birthdays so we decided to go to Kager's and get a cake. So me and Keith distracted him while he was buying hair gel and we helped him pick out alcohol lol we got smirnoff green apple twists and cranberry twists. Both taste very good btw ;]

So yeah bre and andrew got the cake and I don't know how we did it but we managed to suprise him!! Enrique seemed pretty happy and he said it really cheered him up. I'm glad cause he said he hated celebrating his birthday before...but yeah it was so much fun. The guys had a nerf gun fight for like .53222 seconds too cause we stopped at Toys R Us on the way back. They're all a bunch of little kids ;; We finally figured out that Enrique was 33!!! He looks pretty good for that age...

Well yeah I miss that trip so much. it was hard to leave...I was having so much fun!

I just realized today that my birthday is on monday...ah my sweet 16...that means I'm legal in the state of MD...





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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2006|07:00 pm]
[Current Location |pizza pie]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Icecream - Jefree Star]

Yeah so I hardly write it's so bad...

So yes this sunday I get to see diru...I'm so fucking excited!!

And next thursday I leave for AWA in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm really happy that me and bre get to go...even if it's gonna cost a shit load and we're only getting paid 100 bucks for the whole week. I hardly ever get to go out of state that far...It should be interesting.

But I'm also a little nervous and anxious about the fact that Mike is going to be there too...I haven't talked to him since last Katsu...I hope he remembers me and everything and doesn't be all like "Ew fangirl" on me...that would suck since I've been like professing my love for him to christa everyday since Katsu ended haha and I dunno...I'm afraid that something messed up will happen and I won't think of him the same way...I mean I don't expect anything to happen really.

It's much like the love you have for a celebrity. You know how in tv shows the main character finally meets the celeb of their dreams that they absolutely love and are basically snubbed by them? That's kinda what I'm afraid of...I mean I've already met the dude but that was under different circumstances...And I've changed a lot and I'm sure he has too...I'm afraid I'll fuck it up.

This is also something I'd really like to talk about:  

I've noticed that when I get really close to someone I tend to either lose interest or just simply not want a relationship. It's not that I'm afraid of commitment...I totally want to be all lovey dovey hold hands going to the movies and out to dinner with someone someday. I wouldn't even mind doing it when I'm still in highschool...it's just I don't know. I'm not girlfriend material right now...I like no strings attached. Being free to do what I want, with whoever I choose, and not have to feel guilty if I don't say anything about it. I like being able to go places and being totally without restriction.  

Like when I first dated my first and only bf (I know it's sad) it took us awhile to date. I liked the chase and getting up to that point...but I found that after that I didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. It wasn't that I didn't feel the same way...it was just...I don't know how I felt...And all the drama that came with that relationship made things not even worth it.

This is the part where I say how horrible I am. I seem to lead people on...and I hate doing it. I'm just really nice and I tend to flirt a lot...And then I hurt people...that's how bad it is.

One day I want to get married and be totally dedicated to that special person. One day I won't mind living in a cramped up apartment or a spacious house. And one day I wish that I'll have the best marriage I've ever seen anyone in my family have. 

But right now I just want to test the waters and I don't think I'll date someone for awhile...

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They Say The Devil's Water It Ain't So Sweet... [Sep. 5th, 2006|03:22 pm]
[Current Location |Apple Pie in the Sky]
[mood |coldit rained today and I got wet]
[music |Way You Walk - Papas Fritas]

Yeah so I haven't written in here much at all lately...even though lots has happened.

But I'll pick up with today b/c I try to stay fresh.

I had Guitar III this morning and a recital which earned compliments from Landers...haha but I'm not suprised since all the girls in his classes get good grades. And me and my partner are the only girls in the class which is a good and bad thing. Bad as in it's all rude boys and good because I have an automatic partner with the other girl. Plus all the dudes basically leave us alone. It's interesting.

So today a boy brought in his electric guitar to use during recital and show to Landers and after all the recitals were done (It's a small class) The last 20 minutes was people jamming out on the electric including Landers who of course sang too. I started to laugh my ass off b/c he thinks he's so good because he plays shows in OC and has albums and stuff. He's really show offy, but it made the class entertaining.

The rest of school was pretty boring. I felt all acomplished b/c I did all my homework and I took some good notes in AP Art History...Now today I just have to do my AP Environmental Science homework...and I think I might have had US History homework as well...and I have to work on more of my Art History assignment...I think I've been doing a pretty good job with keeping up in the beginning and I'm going to actually try harded this time to keep at it.

In news outside of school. I watched Silent Hill and it creeped me out. The worst part for me was the barbed wire janitor dude in the bathroom who was walking around on his hands. Yeah...I still liked the movie though...

well i'm off to talk to juki...


ps. 15 days till AWA-con!!!
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2006|10:56 am]
Myspace Survey...Tell All!
Nicknames::La, La La, Lucia, Ginchy, Laura loo
Current Location::SP aka Prep Capitol of MD
Hair Color::Dark Brown
Eye Color::Hazel
Weight::not telling
Tatoos?::Nope but I want one
Piercings?::Yes but I haven't wore them in a couple years
Overused Phrase::"Like" I can't go through a sentance with out using it
Bedtime::Whenever I'm tired
Best Physical Feature::Boobs haha and my hair...a lot of people like both
Most Embarassing Moment::When I called out "MIYA!" in line for MUCC at this random asian who obviously was not him
Most Missed Memory::Katsucon '06 in DC at the Omni...my first stay away con xD
First Thought When You Wake Up::I should go back to bed
Weakness::Cuteness and sweets...I ♥ sweets too much
Best Friends::I have too many
Goal For The Year::Do my best
Greatest Fears::Waking Up Alone, Drowning, Spiders
--This Or That--
Pepsi or Coke...:Coke...but I don't drink soda anymore
McDonalds or Burger King...:Mickey Ds
Hot Tea or Ice Tea...:Ice Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla...:Chocolate
Water or Milk...:Water
Coffee or Hot Chocolate...:Both
Hugs or Kisses...:Kisses
Cats or Dogs...:Cats
Summer or Winter...:Meh. I prefer Fall myself
Scary Movies or Romantic Comedies...:Scary Movies
Love or Money...:Love.
Green Grapes or Purple Grapes...:Green
Perferred Eye Color::No preferance
Perferred Hair Color::No preferance
Short Hair or Long Hair...:No preferance
Perferred Height::Taller than me
Perferred Weight::thin. not too lanky and not too muscly.
Looks or Personality...:Personality
Hot or Cute...:Depends on my mood
Skinny...Muscular...or Fat...:Well toned
Food::Anything cute.
Type of Music::Jrock most definitely. But I listen to most things except country.
Candy::Those little japanese chocolate mushroom things at Suncoast...those are so cute and tasty xD
Color::I'm going to quote TMR here...he says it best. "White because you can dye it to any color and Black because you can't dye it anything."
Drink::Strawberry Daquiri
Body Part on the Opposite Sex::Nape of the neck
Movie::Right now it's Labyrinth. But Brokeback Mountain comes close in second
Past Time::Designing clothes. Playing guitar.
--Have You Ever--
Been Beaten Up?:No
Bullied Someone?:Yes but only playfully
Skinny Dipped?:Haha Yes. Juki knows about that one.
Played Spin The Bottle or 7 Minutes In Heaven?:No
Toliet Papered Someones House?:No
Played Poker W/ Money?:No
Gone Swimming In A White T-Shirt?:No but I got caught in pouring down rain with one if that counts
Been Tickled So Bad That You Cried?:Yes
Been Tickled So Bad That You Couldnt Talk?:Yes
Like Someone And Not Tell Them How You Felt?:Yes but we've all done that once
Went Camping?:Does in the backyard count??
Used The Restroom On A Tree?:No
Had A Crush On Your Brother/Sister's Friend?:No
Had A Crush On Your Friend's Brother/Sister?:Yes
Walked In The Rain W/out An Umbrella?:All the time
Danced In The Rain?:Any chance I get
Told A Joke And Nobody Thought It was Funny?:ha probably
Been On Stage?:Yes
Worn Clothes Your Mom Didnt Approve Of?:I think so
Been To A Nude Beach?:Nope
Cursed In Church?:Yes
Been Called A Whore/Slut For Kissing Someone?:I don't recall
Burnt Yourself?:Yes
Been Dumped?:Yes
Dumped Someone?:Sord of
Been In Love?:I don't think so
Been Hit On Someone To Old?:Ha all the time
Wanted To Be A Model?:No
Wanted To Be In The Olmpics?:No
Bought Lottery Tickets?:Yes
Made Out In A Car?:Yes
Cried During A Movie?:Yes a lot
Wanted Something You Couldnt Have?:Yes we all do
Made Love On The Beach?:No
Seen Someone Shoplift?:Yes
Hung Up On Someone?:Yes
Yelled At Your Pet?:Yes haha just did that 5 minutes ago
Gotten Seasick?:Nope
Tried To Strip When Drunk?:No
Bought A Thong Cuz The Casier Was Hot?:No
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Had A Stalker?:Yeah
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Been Embarrassed By Someone In Your Family?:Yeah
Felt Bad About Eating Meat?:Yeah
Been To An Island?:No
Ate Cuz You Had Nothing Better To Do?:Yes
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Made Out W/ A Stranger?:No
Made Out W/ Someone Who Wasnt Single?:I don't know
Wished A Part Of You Was Different?:Yes
Talked To A Complete Stranger?:Yes
Been Sunburned So Bad You Blistered?:No
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Won A Pool Game?:Yes
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Went To School/ Work Drunk?:No
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Been Cheated On?:No
Been Paid To Date Someone?:No
Dated Someone That Was Paid or Dared To Date You?:No
Tanned Topless?:No
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Been On A Plane?:No
Been On A Cruise?:No
Been Pantsed In Public?:No
Thrown Your Shoe At Someone?:Yes
Broke Someone's Heart?:Yes
Sung In The Shower?:Yes
Bought Something Way To Expensive?:Yes
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Been Walked In On While You Were Dressing?:Yes
Been Walked In On While Showering?:Yes
Ran Out Of A Movie Theater Cuz You Got Scared?:No
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Been Kicked Out Of A GoCart Place Cuz You Wrecked The Go Cart?:No
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Wrecked So You Wouldnt Hit An Animal?:No
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Been Shot?:No
Had A Water Gun War?:Yes
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Regret Something You Did In The Past?:Yes
Country You Wanna Visit::Japan. The UK
Way You Wanna Die::Peacefully in my sleep
Like Thunderstorms?:Yes
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R U A Health Freak?:No
U Think Ur Attractive?:Sometimes
Do You Believe In Yourself?:Sometimes
Wanna Get Married?:Yes
Wanna Go To College?:Yes
Shower Daily?:Yes
Want Kids?:Not Sure
When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity?:When I feel ready to
Do U Hate Anyone?:Yes
Can You Unwrap A Starburst W/ Your Tongue?:Haha I bet I could if I tried
Do You Think You Can Sing?:Yes
Can You Open You Eyes Underwater?:Yes
Eat Whatever And Not Worry?:No
Can You Whistle?:No
Can You Walk In High Heels?:Yes kinda
Do You Sleep W/ The Light On?:Sometimes
Do You Like Super Spicy Foods?:Yeah
Can You Multitask?:Yeah. I play DDR and talk on the phone at the same time a lot
Touch Your Nose W/ Your Tongue?:Not that talented
Can You Fit In Your Locker?:Never tried
Do You Spit?:Yes
Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke?:Yes
If You Could Wish 4 Anything...What Would You Wish?:For backstage passes to Diru on the 17th
What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear?:Curious, and Heavenly by Victoria Secret
What Kind Of Soap Do You Use?:That Creme Ribbons shit haha it smells good
What's Your Favorite Scent?:Something baking in the oven. I want my house to smell like that when I grow up.
Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could?:I don't think so. Who'd want to stick around and watch everyone leave you behind?
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
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lately... [Aug. 12th, 2006|01:03 pm]
[Current Location |around]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |I need a home for my hands and head - seabear]

Lately I've been feeling depressed and I have nothing to do with myself...

Maybe it's because summer is over and I've had something to do all summer and my mom's always been home and now she's going to work and I'm happy for her but now I'm kind of lonely...

I also have been off work a lot and I broke my guitar strings...(I was being an idiot)

But now I'm getting it fixed today so I can vent finally on it...I've had so much build up...
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2006|10:10 am]
[Current Location |in the office]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Ridin' - Chamillionare]

So yesterday was pretty fun. Christa and Bre came over and we hung out before walking Christa to work. She looks so cute in the uniform xD lol 

I played my song for Bre on the guitar...I sang too. At first I was nervous but I warmed up as I started to play. She really liked it too, she was like "Fuck! You're gonna sing in the band now!" Now I just have to teach her the song next time she brings her own guitar over. She needs new strings though...

We watched Once Upon a Forest before Christa came over lol xD It was sad...we remembered like everything in the movie...next time I want to watch Ferngully. I just have to find it first. We're always watching little kid movies from when we were younger. 

After walking Christa to work, me and Bre stopped at Altanta Bread Company and I couldn't help myself and I caved and bought a piece of cheesecake for lunch xD So much for a diet...I was really craving something sweet and usually just a small spoonful of the double churned icecream does the trick. But I also had nothing else really to eat except a bowl of cereal that morning and a few pieces of sushi. I didn't eat any dinner though so it's fine...

We had a picnic at the park so Bre could take a fug break but my little brother and his friend were walking back on the way and followed us to the park. So we just ate quick trying to ignore them and then when they forgot something back at the park we turned the corner and ran down another street. Haha it was funny b/c there were people outside looking at us like wtf? Cause we were running and hiding behind a bush for like 5 minutes. But Bre got to ash some and I showed her the house in the neighborhood that I wish I lived in. It's really pretty and I always have dreams about walking down the driveway. It's like really long and leads down to this garage and a garden in the back on the water. I was like "I'm having my tea party there on the water" 

Yeah I keep talking about how I want a little lolita tea party...And everyone has to be all elegant and sip tea and shit. I think it would be fun...lol I'm so wierd.

I finally got around to emailing enrique back and Troy added me on myspace xD I was just like Long Walks...I hope it's him. Everyone is saying it is...lol

well I'm off, my sister is leaving to the beach for 3 days...


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Otakon '06 [Aug. 7th, 2006|10:27 pm]
[Current Location |SP baby]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |The faucet is running]

yeah so Otakon was fucking awesome.

I loved hanging out with all my friends and helping out at the Cine East stand. I got to see the other side of being in the dealers room...

Enrique was really cool to work with and helped me out with no problems if I had a question about something. haha It was fun to get to be better friends with him as well. Even Bre was friends with him by the end of the con...It was totally cool. He brought me a gift and it was a whole bunch of DVDs and some CDs and he was like "I'm sorry I couldn't bring the dir en grey dvds I was gonna burn for you" I was like "No way...this stuff is so cool xD" I even got a free shirt to wear while working there so more people would buy some...He paid me 60 for helping him out on Friday and then me and Bre ended up helping him out on Saturday and on Sunday (I got bored at Tofu and left) I think since me and Bre did a good job we'll be able to help out and work for him in the future if he'll be at a con we're at. xD I can't wait.

I bought a baby doll tee of Dir en grey with all their feet and then I got a wristband too. I bought Cure magazine too...but no new Diru single...They sold out before I could get there...oh well. I'll get it online or at another con.

I got Yoshiki's autograph and gave him this little stick figure drawing I made for him while I was waiting in line xD It was kind of gay looking to me but everyone was like it's so cute!!! And he said it was cute when he looked at it...xD I hope I wrote the Kanji write though...I think so since this girl read it was like "You're sexy" And laughed...so it worked...I also got Nana Kitade's signature. Like twice...But now MUCC...damn...The line was so long when we got there we were like screw it and Bre got in line for Yoshiki instead. Which started at like 2 but people began to line up around 9:30. It was crazy long. But we were one of the last to get in there...I got Bre and Christa to see my sister when they look at him. haha when I get good pics I'll show you and we can compare...

The concert was fun, except for the fact that people were rude and pushed you. The girl next to me was a total bitch and kept looking at me and seeing that I was uncomfortable because I was half on the platform and half on the side and her dumb ass BF was leaning on her and the rail and taking up way more room then he need to be. And them and some other people up front weren't even dancing when Nana Kitade performed and looked all bored. I was like you could at least pretend you like her and aren't here just for MUCC, Seriously...if you do that she'll probably not want to come to the US anymore and it'll give everyone a bad impression. Not just that, any time you're at a concert and are in the front row, you should at least look like you want to be there. Or just move back, b/c it's not fair to other people who came to see them and you're blocking their view and for no reason. 

I hit on another VA. I don't think he was feeling it too well after a while b/c it kinda looked like I was stalking him after his autograph session. I was gonna ask him a question but then he would always talk to somebody and I didn't want to interupt. And then he finally blew me off sord of...haha I was like "That's what I get for going after someone besides Mike" At first I was really pissed but now I'm like meh...I shouldn't have done it so much. Besides I could get him arrested xD I wish I was legal damn it xD 

Enrique was trying to give me tips and shit lol he was like "Trip him and then be like "Oh I'm so sorry are you hurt?" and start to touch him" lmao 

Well I'm off now...that's my report. I'll show pictures of Nana, Yoshiki, and random shit later when I upload them and get some from other people...


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more as promised [Aug. 1st, 2006|06:36 pm]
I love my mom...Today after my orthodontist appointment we were pulling in the drive way and all the sudden she's like let's go get some sushi...

I think I got her hooked on Yamato...it's a really nice sushi resteraunt...And some of the guys who make the sushi are hot...they were looking at me lol I wish I didn't just throw on such crappy clothes...it's so hot I don't care what I'm wearing...I feel like shit anyway in this heat.

So yes, my little brother tried to eat sushi too. But he only wanted the rice off the sushi and didn't want to eat seaweed so he picked at it until I took it cause he said he didn't want it...haha me and mum don't waste sushi. It's expensive and the best ever xD I love it.

In other news, work was actually decent. Except for the fact that they sent me to Chris later on to help bag. He's so wierd...and I hate how he throws all the shit down the belt and doesn't pay attention to all of it piling up and crushing everything else. It makes the customers pissed and they get mad at me a lot...And he doesn't talk to anybody...
I saw a lot of people's parents in the store...I hate it when I run in to a lot of them...it's wierd too, because they're like oh hi there. And the cashier is like who is that? 

I got another email. So now I know that I'm gonna help out in setting up the Tofu stand on thursday and on friday I'm gonna meet up with Enrique and help him set up around 10. Then I don't know how long I'll be working with him till. He said he only need help on friday and he doesn't want to keep me from enjoying myself. So it shouldn't be long, but I at least wanna work enough that I can earn some extra dough...or a cool new dvd xD

Well I'm off to chat to some peeps...


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