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xxxlovely's Journal

2 October
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This is me:

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My name is Laura and I go to SPHS. It's like prep capital...haha. Welcome to my journal...hopefully I can spiff it up soon!

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I like taking pictures...especially outside car windows

Jrock Jpop and Kpop are some of my favorite types of music. Especially these guys:

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They're my top favorite.

I like basically any type of music though...not just jrock and stuff. I also prefer my records to anything else...don't get me wrong, I ♥ my ipod...it's like attached to me, the thing is my child. But if I could tote my record player around with ease, I would. :)

I also enjoy fashion. Mostly Haute Couture and stuff like Galianno and Vivienne Westwoode...Though I could never afford it...a girl can dream right??! I also love street fashion...especially tokyo street fashion...I ♥ Gothic Lolita!!!!! I think it's so cute. I also design clothes too...but I can't really make clothes from scratch yet so I gotta work on it...lol

I draw a lot and do mostly anime style. I also go to lots of conventions like Otakon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, and Katsucon. I'm trying to start going to AUSA too. I heard it was fun. Maybe I'll meet you there? :)

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I drew the guy from Phantasmagoria!!!